Spa Services

Our receptionists can coordinate your pet’s bathing appointment in conjunction with receiving medical services with our veterinarians, in between sessions of playing in doggie daycare or to freshen up at the end of a boarding stay. Your pet’s safety is our first priority. As a veterinary facility with bathing, boarding and doggie daycare, we have a large variety of pets coming in and out of our facility on a daily basis. All pets participating in bathing, boarding and doggie daycare are held to the same vaccine requirements. Contagious disease is a concern in any multi-pet environment. This requirement is to ensure that all animals in our care have the best protection against contagious disease, minimizing risk of contraction. Although no vaccine is 100% effective, it is best practice in keeping your animal safe and healthy.

During our Spa Baths, we use professional quality, environmentally safe, biodegradable shampoos and conditioners. Our staff is also trained to work with various prescription shampoos, soaking your pet in a medicated bath with your veterinarian prescribed medicated shampoo. The spa baths include a general cleansing massage bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, and blow dry and simple brush out.

For Our Feline Friends:

Our feline friends although not usually keen to the idea of a bath do need to feel pampered and we have just the treatment for them. Our feline baths include nail trimming, ear cleaning, warm massaging bath with a warm towel wrap and gentle warm drying. A complete brush out, hygiene trim and pad trimming are also included. We also provide shave down or lion cut services. Please contact us for more details. 

Fleas: West Madison Veterinary Hospital does not recommend flea dips due to the harsh chemicals used. Since fleas are a much bigger household problem than one bath can cure, our recommendation is a multi-modal approach. We will administer a Capstar tablet upon check-in for any pet with fleas, which will kill 100% of the adult fleas on the pet and starts working within 30 minutes.  Once the fleas are dead, our groomer will give your pet a therapeutic bath to rid the coat of the dead fleas and soothe the animal’s irritated skin. To help prevent re-infestation, we can recommend a monthly Flea preventative.  Speak with any of our team members about the best way to treat your environment at home. Fighting fleas after they happen is a tough job, and monthly prevention is the best solution.

Sedation/Aggressive Pets: Is your pet not happy about the grooming process and gets a bit grouchy? While we prefer to take our time and ease your pet into being comfortable with us and their surroundings, there are some pets that are unable to be groomed awake both for their safety and ours. Our groomer and our medical staff work collaboratively to take care of pets that require sedatives or anesthesia. A veterinarian is always involved with your pet when sedation is required. If sedation of your pet is required, a technician and/or veterinarian will discuss medical concerns regarding your pets overall health and the sedation process.

For your pet’s best protection, the protection of our staff and the protection of other pets in our care, we do require that the following vaccinations be current upon drop off or be updated with us upon check-in:

Dogs: DHPP, Rabies & Bordetella*
Cats: FVRCP & Rabies*
*Proof of veterinary vaccines must be received at check-in to be admitted to the facility. If you would like our staff to retrieve this information from your veterinarian, please ask us when scheduling your appointment, we would be happy to assist you.

Please call us at 256-721-1744 if you have any questions regarding our services or if you would like to make an appointment. 
We look forward to hearing from you soon! 




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